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Loopd is a startup based in San Francisco. For event planning, we’ve built the most advanced live-time analytics platform that is powered by hardware, mobile, and web. We’re looking for amazing people who want to change the world.

Careers in Corporate Event Technology | Loopd

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Adding intelligence
to social environments

Loopd’s mission is to add intelligence to social environments. We help corporate marketers learn how people interact in different social environments by collecting rich data live-time, so that they can grow and optimize their events. We want people to be more actively social, and reduce their use of technology by using it a new way.

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We believe in only making the best products. Our team is constantly working on all different kinds of projects, which always makes it exciting. Are you interested in building the future?

DevOps Engineer

Embedded Engineer


We want to grow globally to provide our solutions for every event. This is not an easy goal, but with a great team we can make the correct strategic steps. Does this sound interesting to you?

Business Development

Project Manager