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Loopd Performance

3,924 Loopd Badge Connections

7,777 Black Box Session Check-ins

193% Survey Response Increase

The Business Challenge

Aderant wanted to optimize its overall client experience by analyzing trend data from its annual Momentum Conference. The software firm needed to know which session topics were most popular and useful for its clients, who are IT and financial professionals at the world’s largest law firms. This new information enabled them to create targeted and actionable reports for their product and corporate strategy teams.

How Loopd Helped

All of the 650 attendees wore the connected Loopd Badge for monitoring their session attendance at the three-day event. The attendees also used the Loopd event app to receive time-sensitive, proximity-based surveys when they exited sessions. During each session, Loopd Black Box sensors accounted for individual attendees and any clusters of attendees from specific law firms. When these attendees entered and exited session rooms, the Black Box sensors captured time and position data, determining duration in each session room for enhancing basic check-in data. Following each session, as they walked out, attendees received a short app survey to measure their level of interest in session topics and to provide feedback on the content itself.

The Results

With access to fresh session activity and survey data, Aderant’s marketing team was able to analyze attendee levels of interest in key topics and ranked future trends in legal practices, IT and financial reporting. The marketing team then shared this information with product development executives, who are responsible for maintaining the company’s software roadmap. Leveraging this same information, the corporate strategy team has begun tailoring its future priorities to topics with the highest customer interest. Last, the event marketing team used these insights to craft a theme for next year’s event, plan its agenda, allocate rooms by size and topic, design traffic flow for special events, and create messaging.