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Developers Conference






San Francisco


Loopd Performance

95% LoopdApp usage

2,800 LoopdBadge check-ins

2,200 new connections

The Business Challenge

Box aspired to create the most memorable, fun and engaging annual developers conference. The organizers asked for new and original digital and off-line targeted experiences for its highly sophisticated audience of developers, tech startup founders, venture capitalists and CIOs. The organizers wanted to integrate these experiences logically and seamlessly into product launches, exhibits, deep-dive technical sessions, thought-leadership sessions and keynotes.

How Loopd Helped

Most of the 1,200 attendees used the next-generation Loopd mobile event app with peer-to-peer capabilities and wore the connected Loopd Badge. To monitor badges and report on attendee activity, Loopd placed 40 smart hubs around the facility for instant check-in and trickle feeds to its cloud-based analytics engine. To leverage the versatility of the Loopd Badge, a series of contests were designed to promote specific behavior of attendees at keynotes, in breakout sessions, and within the exhibit area. To highlight this activity, Loopd fed location-aware data to interactive developer Kineviz Inc., which turned the information into a full motion video on HD screens in the exhibit area and at the closing keynote.

The Results

Loopd created a series of Loopd Badge-based games by sensing who were the first attendees at keynotes; who frequented the most breakout sessions; and who spent the most time with partners, among other activities. To complement attendees’ Loopd Badges, Loopd used the Loopd App to enable face-to-face discovery and connections between attendees; timely email notifications and text messages about game winners; and a fully interactive conference agenda. During and after the event, Loopd generated relational analytics from data generated from the Loopd Badge and the Loopd App. The analytics allowed Box to understand who among its attendees were the most engaged and which sessions and other events were least and most popular.