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Loopd Performance

15 exhibit partners
500 smart badges active
4,000 check-ins

The Business Challenge

SXSW and Loopd sought to see how well a smart badge-based VIP Scavenger Hunt would encourage attendees to visit designated exhibitors on the SXSW Interactive Trade Show Floor. Using this approach, Loopd also wanted to test how well its new Bluetooth bi-directional Loopd Badge enabled attendee automatic check-in at booths and how well its Loopd App (iOS and Android) tracked these check-ins on a real-time basis.

How Loopd Helped

SXSW recommended exhibitors who were experienced with exhibiting at SXSW and who sought real-time event analytics. Using a Twitter campaign, Loopd invited to participate in the Scavenger Hunt those SXSW attendees who fit the profile of an ideal customer for the exhibitors. To create a robust, location-tracking environment, Loopd rolled out Bluetooth/Wi-Fi hybrid hubs and mi-fi hot spots (to ensure uninterrupted transmission to the Loopd cloud-based servers) throughout the 250,000 sq. ft. trade show floor. To link Loopd Badges to attendees, Loopd registered each Loopd Badge with an interactive iPad registration system. Finally, attendees synchronized their Loopd Badge with their Loopd App to follow their automatic (passive) check-ins at exhibitor booths.

The Results

Following SXSW Interactive, each exhibitor received access to live-time analytical dashboards depicting actual Scavenger Hunt-related booth traffic. The dashboards showed: 1) total Scavenger Hunt activity (number of unique attendee visits hourly and daily, returned visits and duration of visits); 2) hourly traffic flow (heat map pinpointing concentration of attendees by location); and 3) exhibitor Via Score (a Loopd composite, proprietary rating based on number of visits, return visits, and dwell time per visit).

“I am looking forward to seeing Loopd at future conferences as the badge provider,” said Martijn van Tilburg, CEO of 10000ft, a Seattle project management software company.