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The Business Challenge

The continuing professional education (CPE) program of the XeroCon Denver event represented a new challenge. Recently, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) required group CPE training programs to provide proof of date and time of attendance of each certified public accountant and bookkeeper based on 20-minute intervals. This interval translates into a new standard called a nano-credit.

With 50 minutes or more counting as one full credit, nano-credits kick in for calculating partial time spent in a course or related courses. Because of the difficulty of tracking nano-credits and with increasingly more independent Internet-based group training on site at firms, NASBA states “a participant’s self-certification of attendance at a group program alone is not sufficient. The CPE provider must employ additional attendance monitoring procedures.”

How Loopd Helped

To assist Xero with these requirements, Loopd mounted specially modified Bluetooth/Wi-Fi hubs at the entrance to each session room. These hubs collected attendance data and transmitted every second via in-house Wi-Fi to Loopd servers. The hubs also synchronized with the Loopd Badge, scanning every millisecond in a wide radius to capture advertising from the Bluetooth Loopd Badges when attendees entered. Under this scenario, attendees agreed at registration to wear Loopd Badges and to have their whereabouts recorded throughout the duration of XeroCon. Afterwards, attendance data by session and individual was reported online for Xero, which awarded paper-based CPE certificates to attendees.

The Results

By using Loopd’s newly launched Internet of Things (IoT) system, Xero offered the world’s first passive and non-intrusive monitoring of CPE training at a business conference. Throughout the three-day event, accountants and bookkeepers checked in and out freely with a Loopd Badge on a lanyard around their neck by walking in and out with no line backup.